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At the pathology test site, The need for fast diagnostic digital pathology analysis services is emerging. 

 Our Cybernetics imaging system is based on AI. 

 Get fast, accurate 3D images and analyze low-cost, high-scale, and high-speed technologies I want to develop it. 

 Developing more advanced technologies with passion, challenge, and core competencies. 

 We will be Cybernetics imaging Systems, not just profit. Ultimately, we will become a company that strives to meet customer satisfaction. 

 Thank you.

CEO. Sangjun, Moon

At the pathology analysis site, the need for a quick diagnostic digital pathological analysis service is emerging.

So, we will develop low-cost, high-scale and high-speed analytical technologies by obtaining fast and accurate three-dimensional images based on AI.

We will develop more advanced technologies with passion, challenge, and core capabilities, and we will become a company that does not just seek profits, but ultimately tries to meet customer satisfaction.

Thank you very much.


1990.03~1997.02  Pusan National University Bachelor of Science in Production Machinery Engineering

2000.03~2002.02  POSTECH Master of Mechanical Engineering(Bio-MEMS)

2002.03~2003.08  POSTECH Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering(Bio-MEMS)

2004.03~2006.02  KAIST Doctor of Mechanical Engineering(Bio-MEMS)


1997.03~1999.03  Samsung Motor Central Research Institute Researcher

2003.09~2004.02  KAIST Researcher

2005.03~2005.09  MIT(Massachusetts Institute of Technology) visiting Researcher

2006.04~2007.04  MIT Media Lab Researcher

2007.04~2011.01  BWH-Harvard Medical School Professional Researcher

2011.02~2016.02  DGIST Assistant professor of Robotics Engineering

2016.03~2020.02  UNIST Associate Professor of Research in the Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering

2019.07~ Cybernetics Imaging Systems Inc. CEO, RM3D Inc., ATES Inc. Technical Adviser

2020.03~ GNU Assistant Professor of Mechanical Convergence Engineering


MIT-Harvard: 1st Generation of Digital inline Holographic Microscopy Development Using Computational Optics

HIV POCT System Development(Harvard Medical School, Tanzania Field Test, 2008~2011)

1st Generation of developer of Bio Printer(Harvard Medical School, MIT Media Lab 2007~2011, Tissue Engineering)

Spectrum Analysis Development Using Deep learning(0D-5D spectrum analysis) 

Automated device development and possession of multiple related patents

Completion of the 3rd UNIST Technical Commercialization Academy

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Cybernetics Imaging Systems

Technology Summary

Conventional methods of diagnosing cervical cancer are directly observed, and pathology tests require a lot of manpower and time.

In response, Bench-top type cell inspection device using inline hologram is used to improve the efficiency and accuracy of cervical cancer diagnosis by providing a technology to determine the presence and absence of atypical cells within 30 minutes of the site.

Service Goals

Acquiring images of cervical cancer cells using Bench-top type slide scan holographic microscopy.

Development of an automatic cell recognition and detection technology program that enables on-site diagnosis.

Development of Cell Form Information Database of Diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Correlation analysis results services with dye image(pap smear), general image and diagnostic information.

Necessity of the Business

Need for a quick, field-ready platform.

Need to improve the efficiency and accuracy of pathology tests for diagnosis of cervical cancer.

Need for automated liquid biopsy image acquisition and analysis programs available in the field.

The application of clinical images of computed optical technologies, such as inline holograms, and the preoccupation of technology due to expansion of applications using them.


Office : 50 UNIST-gil, Ulsan 44919, Republic of Korea bldg. 114-803

BUS : 133,233,304,337,733,743



2017 12.06  Patent registration

06.20 Selection of Private Cooperation Open Start-up Campus

07.11 Installed Cybernetics Imaging Systems Inc.

08.20 Technology Transfer

10.30  2019 Creative Business Gold prize

11.16 2019 Dream Share Medical Hackathon Excellence prize

12.10 Agreement with Ulsan Meister High School


01.01 Selection of SW Service Commercialization Support Project (~2021.12.31)

01.30 Selection of venture companies collabo R&D (~2021.02.28)

04.17 Small and Medium Business (Small Business) Registration

06.29 industry-academic cooperation

07.15 Grand Prize in Idea Planning of Ulsan Public Data Competition

08.01 Selecting the Tips Program (~2022.07.31)

09.28 Selection of the Civil and Military Technology Development Project (~2023.09.27)

10.21~10.23 K-HOSPITAL participation in an exhibition

11.09~11.10 KOREA LIFE SCIENCE WEEK 2020 participation in an exhibition

11.12 The 8th Pan-government Competition for Start-up Using Public Data Excellence prize



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